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Frag Rack Kit

Frag Rack Kit

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Everything that you need to get started with Frag Rack Revolution.

Frag Rack Kit (1 plate) contains: Frag Frame, Frag Plate, 4 legs 4'' height total

Frag Rack Kit (2 plate) contains: 2 Frag Frames, 2 Frag Plates, 6 legs 4'' height total, 2 pins

Modular. Grow your frag collection one block at a time, reconfigure in any shape you want - rectangular, square or L-shape.

Versatile. Easily move frag plates onto your table for working on and inspecting frags, dip your corals, switch between sections to more appropriate light/flow conditions or take it with you to the next frag swap.

Customizable. Change frag rack height by swapping twist-in legs right under water. Compatible with Treasure Corals price tags and section dividers.

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