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AI Blade Visor

AI Blade Visor

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A shade visor for newly released AquaIllumination Blade ligh fixture, compatible with every model. 

Combine two of them to stop the light spread from both sides of the tank, perfect for a peninsula.

Limit stray light that your particular setup may produce, enjoy a canopy result without a bulky canopy look. Can be used in refugiums to prevent unnecessary light spill.

Shipped small, easy assembly required.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brian Reno
Nice design, maybe a little small

Easy to assemble. Fits well. Overall very satisfied. Would be very nice if there were options for a larger visor and angled attachment.

Aaron Zavala
Another Awesome purchase

When viewing a tank from a level lower than the height of the light, light glare is something you deal with and honestly I got used to but...... Bought one of these visors for my Blade and wow! Game changer when sitting on the couch viewing the tank and not having that bright light visible to the eye. More focus from your eyes on what matters, the reef!
Only one small complaint that was easy to remedy. The small "pins" that hold the visor strips together slide out easily when removing the light from the aquarium for maintenence, I lost a couple because of this. The fix, small cable ties used instead (which most reefers have laying around). Issue solved. Love the product! Thank you!

Rick Ramirez
Great Product

Snaps together easily and does exactly what it needs to. If you have multiple Blades I'd recommend a minimum of one each even if they are very close together. Had a small what turned out to be non-issue with shipping and Dmitry was quick to respond and very polite.

Michael Cox
AI Blade Visor

I got two visors for my hydras at Treasure Corals. The visors are awesome and very easy to assemble. Very easy to assemble with the video provided by Treasure Corals. Fast shipping to the US with great follow up. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase from Treasure Corals again.