Coral Testimonials

Thank you to our recent customers!



The frogspawn and monti frags I received from Treasure Corals were gorgeous. They are healthy and vibrant, and doing excellent in my reef tank - I am very happy with the quality of the corals. Dmitry at Treasure Corals is fantastic to chat with about the hobby and he made the purchase and pickup a breeze, complete with a homemade thank you. A great experience for a relatively new reefer.
Jesse M

Dmitry at Treasure Corals was a pleasure to work with on discussing a select hammer for my reef tank.  The coral is healthy and doing well, and is a beautiful specimen.  I would not hesitate to purchase more corals from Treasure Corals.

Jay S

Dmitry is an aquarist who educates and inspires others to become  a successful reef keeper.  I cannot think of a better way to use my purchasing power than to support 


Just wanted to say thanks for the frags from the other week.  I know you asked for a review so feel free to post:
Consistently healthy, generous frags from a very knowledgeable aquarist. My first choice for additions to my reef.

Alex D 

I just received my order from Treasure Corals. I couldn't be happier about the whole experience. Super fast service and amazing communication throughout the whole process. This was my first online purchase for corals, and from what I understand, I was Treasure Corals first online customer. Needless to say, Dimitry was great to deal with and even went over and above with a few extra goodies in my delivery. Corals were healthy and polyps came out shortly after putting them in my tank. Great experience. Thank you Treasure Corals!

Jim A

I would highly recommend this fellow. I bought many corals from him and he gave me a great deal and provided me with lots of information. Excellent transaction and would recommended to anyone. A+

GTAA c31979839


Friendly and quick communication. Item as described. A+

GTAA cichlidsam


 Corals are all looking happy with great polyp extension.

GTAA Faizan


Awesome seller.Huge frags for a great price



One of the Smoothest transactions I have ever made. A++ Great seller. Lights exactly as described. Even followed up to make sure I was 100% happy! Thank you!

GTAA nighthawk26


Amazing SPS frags. Good price, will buy again. Pick up more than a dozen frags during the weekend, and everything is open up nicely now.

GTAA fszlin


Very generous size frags A+ seller.

GTAA Fesso


Smooth transaction and great frags, highly recommended.



Nice frags. Very good price. Will buy again.



Thank you for the awesome frags. We will be back for more.



I was very impressed with the quality/price/quantity

GTAA Quartapound


I would highly recommend this seller. His frags are well established xl in size as well. Very nice display tank. Friendly and helpful.
Would not hesitate to recommend



Very helpful and his corals were triple aaa. Great system and very helpful. His corals are definitely top 10 I've seen. Massive acros. Will be back again for sure.

GTAA 19130


Excellent corals and can't beat his prices!

Oleg U.


Great guy and beautiful frags

GTAA explor3r


So glad to meet Dimitry: a great person, great corals, and a great tank to chat about
It got a little out of hand with the corals (my cooler would barely close), but they all fit in the tank and they're all coloured up CRAZY!
Growth already noticeable and they are doing well in the tank.
I'll be back.

GTAA TheBoss


Excellent seller with amazing corals. Hope to business with you again.

GTA abc-50


Excellent corals selection. Great prices. Highly recommended!



Great huge frags and a very nice guy with a gorgeous tank. Very nice set up and it was very nice meeting you.

GTAA DamFish


Great frags, great guy. Thanks for the frags.

GTAA jeef


Good person to deal with, great communication and large coral frags. Thanks for the purple dragon. It is now doing great!

GTAA notclear


great guy to deal with and will not hesitate to buy again and again and again. he sells quality frags and nice sizes too.
thank you for accommodating my schedule.

GTAA jeprox


A very chilled guy with a cool display tank and some nicely colored SPS.
You know you're getting healthy stuff.
Go there and check him out.

GTAA Norco


These caddies have a purpose built design and are superior to the other caddies available on the market. It is clear that these caddies were produced not only by a person in possession of a rapid prototype machine, but also a keen sense of design and engineering. Color me impressed.
Jamison Brosseau
Just like the awesome Phosphate Test Kit Caddy, this one helps me keep my counter space clean and follow the test kit instructions without clutter AND stores everything neatly/visibly. Awesome Caddy and excellent customer service!
Yohan Davidson