Coral Delivery Policy / DOA


At Treasure Corals we pride ourselves for aqua culturing healthy, thriving and colourful coral.

We ship corals all across Canada.

Orders are shipped overnight, Monday-Thursday. Orders are packaged and shipped as they are received and you will be contacted regarding your shipment. If you have a special delivery request, it should be noted on the invoice or by sending us an email.  

Your order will be shipped to you overnight with a delivery by noon.

All corals purchased online are guaranteed alive on arrival. We use specially designed packaging to ensure livestock arrives in optimal condition. If we see there will be extreme weather or other circumstances that will create poor shipping conditions we may request to cancel or delay a shipment.

DOA - Dead On Arrival

In the rare circumstance should you experience an issue with the shipment - please take a photo of the coral as soon as you get it (do not discard the coral) and send it to

Replacements will be included in future orders and are available for local pick up at no additional charge.

If your claim is validated, we will issue store credit for the price that was paid for the coral. In the event of a DOA, shipping costs are not refunded. Corals that are part of a giveaway, or are a bonus item that is part of sponsored events are not eligible for DOA claims.

The following are not covered by our DOA Guarantee:

Damage occurring to items during unpacking. Damage occurring to items in un-mounting the coral from its base/ frag plug. Damage occurring to items during dipping. Carrier delays due to external circumstances such as mechanical failures, or extreme weather events. 

Some species such as Hammers, Torches, Frogspawn, and other similar corals can pull their tissue into their skeleton during shipping. This reverses itself once the coral is placed in an aquarium.

Ordering Policy

By purchasing on our website you are agreeing to these policies. All sales of livestock and hardware are final.

Once livestock orders are placed they can not be cancelled, modified or substituted.

Please take your home availability into consideration when ordering. 

If something changes with a specimen that is in your order between the time you order and when the coral is shipped out, we will contact you to discuss your options. 

Cancellations must be done so within 24 hours of ordering and are subject to a 25% restocking fee.